French manufacturer since 1829, SNRI designs and manufactures valves for oil, gas and for industrial processes.

old photo of Sergot artisanal workshop

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The beginning of the valves activity begins in the artisanal workshop SERGOT (specialized in industrial heating).

Mastery of materials and an optimized design then allow SNRI to establish itself as a manufacturer specializing in steam applications, regardless of the type of industry.

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SNRI has been an active partner in the nuclear industry since its development in the late 60s. The brand offers a complete range of castings and forging applicable with different quality levels, as well as specific products such as protective draw-off valves.

The SNRI brand provides safety equipment well suited to the storage of fuels: The Fireclap provides positive safety against the risks of fire which threaten the storage of flammable products. The thermal expansion valves, thanks to the excellent sealing performance on reclosing, minimize the loss of stored products.