Oil & Gas

Onshore or offshore, VALCO GROUP supports the Oil & Gas application by providing a complete fluid regulation solutions dedicated to the most demanding applications: exploration, refining or even petrochemicals.

application oil and gas

Industrial valves for oil & gas and petrochemical applications

Many Oil & Gas and Petrochemical applications were developed to meet special requirements such as : 

  •   Oil exploitation and operations using harsh and corrosive fluids (sulphuric gas).
  •   Refining and petrochemicals using heavily charged fluids and/or high temperatures.
  •   Tank storage of refinery products with Positive Safety valves from our range FireClap / FeederClap as well as TSV (Thermo Safety Valves).
  •   Treatment of gases produced in Industry with a specific range of cryogenic valves.
Our range of products

A suitable range of industrial valves

These products , whether standard or special (‘’Y’’ type, Tilting Check or Safety equipment) are proposed in different fabrication materials (Carbon, Alloy Steels and Stainless Steel) reply to the highest international standards (API, ASME..).

We also provide safety equipment well suited to the storage of fuels: *

  • The Fireclap provides positive safety against the risks of fire which threaten the storage of flammable products.
  • The thermal expansion valves, thanks to the excellent sealing performance on reclosing, minimize the loss of stored products.

Through a dedicated service, active support is offered on products over 40 years old around the world. On-site interventions can be carried out by Valco-Valves-Services (VVS) teams to help maintain the integrity of product performance regardless of the date of commissioning.