Nuclear, Thermal & Defense

Today recognized as one of the main European suppliers of special valves, VALCO GROUP has full control over the design, manufacture and testing of its products, as well as after-sales service. Its know-how in the manufacture of high-performance valves, added to the expertise of its design office, have ensured constant progress in the development of innovative and concrete solutions, produced in-house.


Valves for nuclear and thermal applications

Long-term and traditional partner of French EDF, VALCO Group has participated in french and world-wide nuclear industry growth with steam valves requiring a high degree of quality and technicality. The range includes Globe and Gate valves for low /high pressure in bolted bonnet or high temperature pressure seal version.

The range is completed by special valves according to specific steam environment requirements:

  • Double Seal Isolating valve
  • Bleed valve for turbine protection – Straight or Y pattern Check valve
  • Angle valves
  • Forged valves for High Pressure

All these products are used in most of all networks concerning Boilers, machine-room Turbines and City Heating Systems.

energie application

Valves for Defense application

For many years now, VALCO Group has gained a reputation as manufacturer of flow cutting equipments for installation in military submarines. Thanks to its knowledge of fluids circuits involved and of requirements related to the installation constraints, Guichon Valves designed and manufactured several types of high pressures and shocks resistant valves made in sea water resistant high alloys.

Specializing in critical applications for shutoffs and valves, the VALCO Group offers reliable and innovative designs that meet the specific needs of underwater and surface vessels, as well as the new IPER spacing.


GUICHON: expert in special valves

The brand developed its first studies for the navy and DCN in the 1980s, first on air shutoffs and then gradually on other services.

In the nuclear field, GUICHON has for example designed and manufactured regulating valves for fission products, dead area free sectioning valves to limit staff contamination risks and remote controlled tank cleaning and decontamination valves to avoid any human intervention in dangerous areas.

The valves have been installed in the following submarines for DCNS (Thales group) : SNG, SNA, SNLE, AGOSTA, BARRACUDA. Guichon has supplied as well valves and safety valves for surface vessel (FREMM multipurpose frigate) and the french aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle.