LNG & Cryo

Our experience in the design of cryogenic valves (-196°C) is now recognized worldwide. The GROUP has developed and industrialized cryogenic shut-off devices based on straight-through valve technologies (Air Liquide approved equipment), metal seated butterfly valves and ball valves. The applications are numerous in the liquefied gas industry, but also in fine chemistry and on submarines.


Cryogenic valves for LNG carriers and LNG terminals

To meet the growth of global demand, the VALCO Group supports the development of LNG, starting from the first engineering prototypes in the early 60’s with the methane carrier ‘’Le Beauvais’’ and the LNG Terminal in Le Havre,France. Fabrication of product series continued progressively with new Terminals for importing, in France and Benelux, then world-wide.

An expert in cryogenic valves

VALCO GROUP brand has also become a world leader of on-board mounted cryogenic valves with 2/3 of methane ships being already equipped (+470 boats). Our proposed range is composed of Low Pressure (serie 150 valves) to High Pressure (serie 2500), in supplying Regasification Terminals as well as LNG Fuel Gas systems.

A recognized experience experience in industrial valves

The Group also offers a total solution for valves that include Stainless Steel Actuators (316) especially studied to resist difficult marine environment extremes. This whole range is certified by the principal ship Classification Societies and Off-Shore platforms.