Supply Chain

Generally speaking and not only within VALCO Group, this function is driven by the current acceleration of the Supply-Chain management. Structuring the supplier relationship to be more effective leads to the whole company efficiency.

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Pièce supply chain

Purchasing function is a strong optimization lever of performances and competitiveness.

While serving the different businesses and operating entities of VALCO GROUP, it also constitutes a development focus for the group’s activities, notably through the integration of ‘local content’ issues (some components purchases shall be made directly in the finished equipment country of destination).

In this context, the major missions are built around the following focuses:

  • Define a clear and consistent purchasing policy for the company, offering a high service level to its internal customers and supporting VALCO GROUP commitments in terms of responsibility (particularly concerning used materials’ origin and traceability);
  • Contribute to the creation of value by proposing appropriate sourcing to the different operating entities and integrating suppliers markets innovations and evolutions (materials, machining techniques …) ;
  • Promote procurement.

VALCO GROUP relies on a 6-persons reliable team for this:

  • Three buyers in charge of leading the suppliers’ panel and developing strategic partnerships while controlling the overall cost of acquisition.
  • Two purchasers managing deliveries in project mode.
  • A technical expert, in charge of developing and validating the foundry parts prototypes (50% of the purchase part).

To manage the different markets the best way, VALCO GROUP is able to propose an exclusive Western Europe Supply-Chain in which a part of its LCC purchases (low-cost countries) is integrated.

Export Industrial Development

 VALCO GROUP concerned to provide export customers with service, reactivity while ensuring an excellent product quality level, locates as close as possible to its customers by creating its own subsidiaries or JV (Joint-Ventures) with recognized local operators.

These industrial facilities can also help to meet the requirements of a “local content” constraint.

“We are always looking for partners or components suppliers (gaskets, fasteners, linings, machining, etc..) wishing to take part in our export industrial development in the fields of Oil & Gas, Energy, the Navy or Cryogenics”

Quality logistics for international shipments

In a constant concern for customers service quality control, VALCO GROUP ensures the whole packaging process of the products and transport management. Every year we do package and ship 1000 tons of valves of all sizes by truck, by sea or by air* all over the world, with a more than 98% customer satisfaction rate.

A very special attention is paid to the choice of service providers, forwarders and carriers to maintain this level of customer satisfaction concerning both the routing times safety and the optimization of packing and shipping costs.

Receiving & Shipping stores composed 

  • Receipts: daily entrances of material and products coming from all parts of France, Europe and sometimes from the world. Before the placing in storage, a control of the order is performed according to the delivery note.
  • Shipments: Our warehouses staff is very reactive and able to meet the various shipping requirements: dimensions, customers’ requirements, regulatory obligations. We adapt ourselves and make many customized packages whether in cardboard, plywood or SEI 4B and SEI 4C wooden crates types.